USA: Need Help in Arizona – this is what happens to ‘protected wild burros’

In a few short days, the government agency, Bureau of Land Management, for no explained reason  will target exclusively wild burros in Arizona, Cibola-Trigo herd. The ancestors of the wild burros truly built America. If anyone knows burros or donkeys the horror of their fate at hands of contractor sadists will hit you hard, especially if you look at the three pictures at the end of this page.

They, nor we, deserve this, and they offer no acceptable reason, no reasonable explanation and we are expected to foot the bill, again, for this massacre. I will not pay for government sanctioned animal torture and abuse. I will not.

Now we see clearer still why BLM fights so hard to keep citizens and journalists out of viewing range even though Grass Roots Horse/Laura Leigh as plaintiff won the legal challenge that we have a right to witness and report on our government in action.
We are not giving up,  nor are we going away ! This is too important.  Grass Roots Horse is the people. We are not a big entity intent on harvesting donor bucks to further self serving interests. Wild Horse and wild burro roundups must stop, public granted full access from roundup to long tern holding. Video cameras in all government and government contracted holding facilities. Government/BLM/DOI come clean on what is really slated for public lands and water rights.
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