USA: Silver King wild horse roundup proceeds as BLM is slapped with complaint over lack of public access

The wild horses of the Silver King Herd Management Area south of Ely, Nevada are about to know their last day of freedom.  When the day dawns on Saturday, September 25th, almost 600 stallions, mares, and unweaned foals will flee their homes with fear and terror as a belligerent helicopter whirls down upon them with one goal in mind:  capture.

Using its own brand of twitsted logic, the BLM has determined that 600 wild horses are about 546 too many for the 606,000-acre basin in Nevada’s Lincoln County.  In the 21-year period between 1985 and 2006, the agency removed 792 horses from the Silver King HMA.  Why the BLM has now decided to decimate the wild herds in this area by removing so many horses at once is a question that defies a rational answer.
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The Silver King legal action is supported by Grass Roots Horse, a nonprofit equine welfare charity with a focus on citizen action.

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