USA: GrassRootsHorse Press Releases Oct 1, 2010

Seeking a court order to stop the already underway Silver King, Nevada wild horse roundup, at least until the court can hear the case, Laura Leigh filed an amended motion for a Temporary Restraining Order today, October 1, 2010 in Reno, NV.

Judge Larry Hicks denied the original motion based on arguments that were set forth in a prior case, Leigh v. Salazar 3:10-cv-417, which involved wild horse roundups during peak foaling season in Elko County, NV this past July that had no relevance to the Motion for the TRO that was filed in regard to the Silver King roundup.

The amended TRO Motion filed today argued that the reason for the TRO denial had no connection to the arguments in the original Silver King TRO motion. The Silver King case is all about First Amendment Rights and is not about “mares and foals” being chased by “helicopters.”
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Maureen VanDerStad

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