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USA: Oct 16, 2010 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: BLM Kills 2 More Wild Horses in Colorado

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch

The Bloody Facts Speak Volumes

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues to move forward with its legally challenged wild horse roundup of Colorado’s North Piceance wild horse herd and killed yet an additional 2 horses during alleged illegal activates, yesterday.
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USA: Oct 15, 2010 The Cloud Foundation: Mare roped, drug into trailer and later shot in contested BLM Colorado roundup

Restraining order filed in NY court to stop already deadly mustang roundup 10/15/10

New York Federal Court to Hear Wild Horse Case

Mare roped, drug into trailer and later shot in contested BLM Colorado roundup

New York, NY (October 15, 2010)—A New York Federal District Court Judge will consider a request on October 20 to stop the federal government’s roundup and removal of Colorado’s North Piceance wild horse herd. Second-string contractors, hired by the BLM, already have killed one mare who attempted to escape with her baby. They roped her, choked her down, kicked her and then dragged her into the trailer. Yesterday the mare was shot. An application for a Temporary Restraining Order/Preliminary Injunction was filed yesterday by the plaintiffs, Habitat for Horses, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), The Cloud Foundation, Toni and Don Moore, DVM in order to stop the roundup. This legal action is co-funded by Habitat for Horses Advisory Council and the ASPCA.
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USA: Oct 15, 2010 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Aerial Survey Reveals Twin Peaks Wild Horse Population Decimated

by Maureen Harmonay ~ Equine Advocacy Examiner ~ LIVE LINK

Equine Advocates Use Science Against BLM’s Bad Math

A September 24th flyover survey of the California-Nevada Twin Peaks Herd Management Area by respected wildlife ecologist Craig Downer reveals that only about 265 wild horses remain in this 798,000-acre range in the wake of the recent BLM roundup, which captured 1638 horses.  Fourteen of those horses died in BLM custody or as a direct result of physical injuries or trauma sustained during their capture.
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USA: Oct 14, 2010 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Wild Horse Advocates Continue Legal Assault Against Obama’s Rogue BLM

Press Release from Grass Roots Horse

The First Amendment Means Nothing to the BLM

A Response was filed in Nevada court on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 to the BLM’s

Father and son's last moments at Twin Peaks ~ photo by Laura Leigh

Father and son's last moments at Twin Peaks ~ photo by Laura Leigh

responses in the Motion for Temporary and Injunctive Relief in the Silver King, NV wild horse roundup, originally filed by the Plaintiff, Laura Leigh against the Bureau of Land Management, Interior

Dept. and the Nevada State Director of the BLM. This lawsuit is based 100% on violations to First Amendment rights.
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USA: Oct 14, 2010 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: BLM Loses Bid to Stampede Wild Horse Law Suit Out of New York

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch

BLM Loses Bid to Move Law Suit

HOUSTON (SFTHH) – The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) attempt to strong arm a Federal judge into moving a wild horse related law suit out of the New York Court system, prior to a hearing, has failed.  In a detailed letter submitted to the Honorable Judge William Pauley on October 12th, the BLM struggled to support a case for “change of venue” to move a suit filed by Habitat for Horses (HfH), the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and The Cloud Foundation  (TCF) to a more BLM friendly court in either Colorado or Washington D.C..  Today, a Temporary Restraining Order was filed by the case’s plaintiffs against the BLM in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York and a hearing has been ordered in the same venue for October 20th.  The BLM will be forced to defend it’s illegal wild horse roundups in New York City.
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USA: Oct 13, 2010 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Thank You Governor Bill Richardson

Celebrate Wild and Free

Thank You Governor Richardson for purchasing 12,000 acres for the sanctuary of our Wild Horses, a landmark action to ensure their safety.

Austin, a rescued wild mustang ridden by James Anaquad Kleinert, director of “Disappointment Valley”, side by side with renowned Mustang expert and filmmaker, Ginger Kathrens will hand deliver your personal letters directly to New Mexico’s Governor, Bill Richardson.
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USA: Oct 13, 2010 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Destruction of Largest Wyoming Wild Horse Herd Underway Despite Public Outcry

Press Release from The Cloud Foundation

Wild horse mare dies in costly and unnecessary roundup

Rock Springs, WY (October 12, 2010)-Amid nationwide protests, today 122 more healthy wild horses were rounded up by helicopter in the Adobe Town/Salt Wells Wild Horse Herd

Photo by Carol Walker of Wild Hoofbeats

Management Area Complex. The current three-day roundup total is 320, not including one mare who died on the run yesterday. The National Academy of

Sciences  will begin it’s Congressionally-requested investigation of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) wild horse and burro program in 2011 but it will too late for the Red Desert herds without an immediate moratorium on roundups.
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USA: Oct 13, 2010 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: BLM Sent Reeling in CO Wild Horse Law Suit

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch

BLM: “New York City?”

HOUSTON  (SFTHH) – Joining with the ASPCA, HfHAC filed a well planned and thought out law suit seeking to stop the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from stampeding a herd of Colorado wild horses into oblivion.  The catch; the suit was filed in New York and the action has made the BLM’s head spin.
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USA: Oct 12, 2010 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Nevada Struggles with Finding Equine Friendly Leaders

Guest OpEd by Arlene Gawne

Election D-Day is Coming and Few Choices in Nevada

In Nevada, in just a few weeks’ time, we citizens have to choose between two Senatorial candidates – incumbent Senator Harry Reid or his challenger, Sharron Angle. Now if you are a wild horse advocate that is a rotten choice! Why you may ask? Let’s begin with Mrs. Angle. When I personally spoke to Sharron Angle months ago about the terrible demise of the wild herds in our state and the loss of potential eco-tourism jobs, she clenched her fists and said for the sake of full disclosure, her husband had worked for the BLM  in Tonopah for many decades and that those horses were starving on that range, and it was a good thing that the BLM pulled them off. And if I wanted to see wild horses in good condition I should go to the Palomino adoption facility near Reno NV  and see how much better off they were there. Well I have heard quite a few negative things about that facility and its’ care of wild horses, but Mrs. Angle closed the discussion by walking off, angry it seemed.
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USA: Oct 12, 2010 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: The Blood and Guts of Wild Horse Litigation

by R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer Executive Director of HfH Advisory Council

It’s “Everyday” American’s Fight to Save a National Icon

Laura Leigh did it rather down and dirty, yesterday, on her blog.  To the point and with little fanfare she stated that the two organizations that are currently out on the legal battlefield slugging away to save what is left of our wild horses are Grass Roots Horse and the HfH Advisory Council, and that they need your support.
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National Media Attention from the Associated Press: Pickens Buys US Ranch for Wild Horse Sanctuary

Dear Friends,
We got National media attention on MSN, CBS, ABC, and Local TV Stations on the story below! Thanks to the Associated Press for running this story and getting much needed attention to our beautiful wild mustangs!! They need all the help that we can give them! Please take time to click the Pony Express button on our homepage and take action for the roundups to stop! This is only the beginning of what we can do to save a huge piece of our American heritage! Please cross post this and get all the attention we possibly can on this issue!
xo Madeleine Pickens

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USA: Tragedy at Silver King: Braveheart’s Last Stand

by Suzanne Roy, American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

In the early morning of Wednesday, October 6, 2010, amid the vast landscape of the Silver King Herd Management Area in southeastern Nevada, a mustang family lost everything in a BLM helicopter roundup.

I looked down from a hill above the entrance to the capture site to see a striking white mare, running at full speed, with her young foal at her heels. Galloping just ahead of the helicopter was a beautiful sorrel stallion, forehead lined with a wide white blaze. He lagged behind his family, torn between making a run for freedom and protecting his mare and foal, even if that meant following them into the jaws of the trap. The stallion, who we have named Braveheart, chose family over freedom, and it cost him his life.
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American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign – Sept., 9 2010

Photos Capture Brutality of BLM Roundups

With simultaneous roundups underway in Twin Peaks, California and Utah’s Confusion and Conger Mountains, the BLM’s aggressive assault on wild horses across the West continues in force.

The BLM has attempted to tightly control access to the roundup sites, largely keeping public observers at a distance that makes up-close and compelling photographs difficult. The agency’s interest in controlling images of the roundup was made clear when the New York Times caught helicopter contractor Dave Cattoor on video instructing his wrangler on what to do to make sure that the observers did not get photographs of injured horses:
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USA: Oct 8, 2010 Horse Activists on Big Blend Radio Horse Activists on Big Blend Radio

Upcoming Show: 08.10.2010 19:00

Big Blend Radio

Join Big Blend Magazine editors Nancy & Lisa, and guest co-host Eddie Maldonado, for Big Blend Radio. On ‘The Success Express’, Jerri Palumbo will discuss Marketing Plans. On ‘Vacation Station’, Michael Cervin will chat about his book ‘Santa Barbara & The Central Coast’. And on ‘The Nature Connection’, we’ll discuss the BLM Wild Horse Round Ups with activists: Maureen Lynch Vanderstad, Laura Leigh, Dallas & Debbie Gulley, and Gordon M. Cowan, Esq.
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USA: Oct, 2010 The Cloud Foundation – PROTESTS PLANNED NATIONWIDE

Protests in Boston, Connecticut, Las Vegas, Utah, Sacramento, Boulder and Arizona planned for October! Please join a rally and/or start your own- time to shout out again for a moratorium on roundups and protection of our wild horses and burros!

Visit the Cloud Foundation calendar for all the details!

Thanks to all the organizers for their tremendous work.

Spread the word (shortlink:

USA: Oct 7, 2010 Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Nationwide Protests Planned to Halt Wild Horse & Burro Roundups

BLM’s failure to instate even a partial moratorium inspires protests around US

Boston, MA (October 7, 2010)— Following over 35 protests in late 2009/2010, rallies  will resume this month in at least seven states nationwide to draw attention to the plight of America’s wild horse and burro herds. Protests in 12 more states are in the works. Currently nearly 40,000 wild horses and burros are held in pens and pastures at taxpayer expense while the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) private contractors rush to roundup over 3,200 more wild horses and burros before the end of the year.
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USA: Oct 7, 2010 Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Outrage Continues Over Bloody BLM Wild Horse Stampede in NV

Press Release from Grass Roots Horse

First Amendment Rights Don’t Exist with the U.S. Government

Legal documents were filed in Reno, NV on October 4, 2010 adding to the Temporary Restraining Order Motion that was filed earlier by Laura Leigh against Ken Salazar, Dept. of Interior, Robert Abbey, Bureau of Land Management and Ron Wenker, NV State Director of BLM.
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USA: Oct 6, 2010 Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Death of Silver King, NV Wild Stallion Embodies Inhumanity of Interior Dept. Wild Horse Program

Bulletin from CRWE Newswire

Caliente, NV, CRWE Newswire (October 6, 2010) – Today’s death of a mustang stallion at a U.S. Interior Department wild horse roundup is re-igniting controversy over the federal wild horse program, which has been harshly criticized, most recently by 54 members of Congress. Despite severe restrictions on the public’s ability to observe all aspects of the roundups, the death of the wild stallion was captured on video by wild horse advocates at the Silver King Herd Management Area in southeastern Nevada.

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USA: Oct 6, 2010 Straight from the Horse’s Heart: A Berman By Any Other Name

Who is Sue Wallis and Why Should I Care?

For the past couple of years now, various provocative and inflammatory “info-ads” have appeared in the New York Times,on Facebook, on bus shelters and billboards accusing the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) of misuse of funds (including the funding of “terrorists”),  of lying about giving financial help to local humane societies and animal welfare efforts, and manipulating Congress to promote its “vegan” agenda.
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USA: Oct 1, 2010 Straight from the Horse’s Heart: BLM Wild Horses Held in Utah Prison

Our Wild Horse “DO” go to Prison

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal Bureau of Land Management is holding wild horses captured during its “gathers” at a Utah state prison.

In a filing today in the ongoing first amendment case of Leigh vs. Salazar, it was revealed in court documents that the animals are being housed at the Central Utah Correctional Facility at Gunnison. The brief, an amendment to a motion for a preliminary injunction filed by Reno litigator Gordon Cowan did not state the number of horses being held. Continue reading

USA: Sept. 28 2010 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Advocates Condemn Wild Horse Stampede at Sheldon Refuge

Laura Leigh of Grass Roots Horse Speaks out on “Transparency”

Federal agencies and a helicopter contractor last week conducted an unannounced wild horse gather of nearly 400 mustangs at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge 200 miles north of Reno, a operation that led to legal action by wild horse advocates.
On Friday, advocates who documented the Sheldon mustang gather filed affidavits to their ongoing federal court action in Reno, which requests a restraining order against federal roundups. The advocates allege that their observer at Sheldon last week was harassed by the contractor and federal employees and that the observer discovered a grave site strewn with the bones of horses killed during previous roundups.
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