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About Us
Return to Freedom is a non-profit wild horse sanctuary founded in 1997 by Neda DeMayo, and is the realization of her life-long dream: to protect the freedom and natural lifestyle of America’s free ranging wild horses.

Our Mission
Return To Freedom is dedicated to preserving the freedom, diversity and habitat of America’s wild horses through sanctuary, education and conservation, while enriching the human spirit through direct experience with the natural world.

Return to Freedom provides a safe haven to nearly 200 wild horses and burros Recognizing that wild horses live in tightly bonded herd groups, Return to Freedom became the first sanctuary with a focus on rescuing entire family bands. Designed to be a model program, we implement alternative and minimally intrusive management philosophies.

Return to Freedom’s educational programs facilitate a direct experience with nature and animals through non-intrusive, sensitive observation. Through direct contact with the natural world, we hope to inspire a deep reverence for the communities and family groups that exist in nature. Our programs were created with the intent that, for things to change, a new human being must emerge. It is our hope that policy changes and legislation that have the best interest of wildlife species and natural habitats in mind will be supported through re-education.


The American Wild Horse of Today is a re-introduced native wildlife species, represented by diverse biological groups each with their own genetic and historical significance. Whether they come from Spanish ancestry, cavalry horses, draft herds or others, America’s Wild Horses have evolved over the years and become one of our nation’s most treasured resources. Return to Freedom is a virtual Living History Conservancy, managing various herds according to their geographic origins.
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Return to Freedom – P.O. Box 926 – Lompoc, CA 93438
Tel: (805) 737-9246
Fax: (805) 800-0868

For information on programs, scheduled events, or visits to the Sanctuary as well as general inquiries, please email us

Return to Freedom is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Tax ID number 06-1484961. For information about Return to Freedom’s income and expenses, and to view a pie chart of our budget, please visit Charity Navigator.

4 thoughts on “Return To Freedom

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  2. aaron dickens

    please wild horse and mustangs please save our beautiful wild horses and mustangs so thy can run wild just the way god intended for being wild and free Aaron dickens horse lover

  3. Kim Sheppard

    Hello, with RTF, HSUS, ASPCA now being involved with the wild horse roundups, will you be attending the heinous chase roundups to make sure NO MORE babies are ran to death or no more full term pregnant mares are shot because they were ran until they collapsed or no more blind horses or other special needs horses in Oregon will be shot? Because they CAN go to Skydog Sanctuary (where they would be welcomed)INSTEAD of BLM shooting them.

    The BLM holding facility in Burns, Oregon had 42 horse deaths in 6 months from Oct 2018 – April 2019, some of which were babies. Obviously, these are not normal statistics for anyone with horses.

    Wouldn’t ASPCA, HSUS investigate these high numbers if these were domestic horses? Why is it any different with wild horses and burros?
    The BLM needs to be investigated nationwide and NO roundups should take place until that happens.

    You guys lobbied for roundups and now it is your responsibility to oversee the abusive practices associated with what you have supported and make sure not 1 single horse is injured or killed. And if/when they do die, you are accountable because you are a wild horse org and HSUS and ASPCA are supposed to be humane welfare organizations.

    I would like a reply on what your plans are to protect these poor animals (not a stock reply) please. I do not want lip service, I want REAL answers. Hundreds of people are extremely concerned about the brutal roundups that are scheduled.

    Thank you.

    Kim Sheppard


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