More Organisations


Wild Horses Need You –

In Defense of Animals –

Animal Law Coalition –

Respect 4 Horses –

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign –

Animal Welfare Institute –

American Herds –

Equine Welfare Alliance –

American Horse Defense Fund –

Saving the American Wild Horse (James Kleinert’s site/Disappointment Valley) –

Friends of Animals –

International Society for the protection of Mustangs and Burros –

1 thought on “More Organisations

  1. Petrus Sorin

    i’m a romanian and yes , the wild horses from Romania are in danger, the local autorites wanna take and kill them all, and the way how they are captured and killed it’s really dezgusting , there is no program to protect them,there are a lot of interes from local mayor who put a lot of money in his pocket ,they make fake diagnostic disease just to send them to slaughter ,really make my sick!!!!


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