USA: American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign: TAKE ACTION BY MONDAY (Oct. 25): Be a Voice for 1000’s of Nevada Mustangs

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is in the process of updating the Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the Winnemucca District in Northwestern Nevada. This document will determine management policies for 8.5 million acres of public land and for 20 Herd Management Areas, affecting thousands of federally-protected mustangs and burros.

BLM policies have traditionally been driven by commercial users of our public lands. The agency routinely sets artificially low wild horse population levels, then awards the majority of forage and water in designated herd areas to livestock.

This is our chance to weigh in and compel BLM to set management policies that are in the interest of the public and our wild horses. Be a voice for Nevada mustangs today –this is the land use planning stage at which we can really make a difference!

Read More and Take Action Here.


The rescue and transport of the beautiful Calico 20 has been a worthy, but expensive undertaking. If you can help underwrite this project – which aims to return these stallions to their native lands and re-establish family bands that were shattered in the roundup – please donate by clicking here.
Be sure to mention that you are contributing for the Calico Rescue Fund.

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