USA: Oct 20, 2010 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Wild Horse War Call Heard in NYC Today

by R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer Executive Director of the HfH Advisory Council

Battle to Save Colorado Wild Horse Herd goes to Court Today

As in times a century and a half ago the people defending their land, their families, their way of life planned for months; knew they were outnumbered yet also knew that they were right.  The land that they defended belonged to all people along with the wild animals on it, but a huge and out of control government claimed it for its own and nothing could stand in its way as it swept to the west consuming all and killing many as it’s illogical and inhumane policies destroyed not only the land but the animals and people who lived in harmony upon it.  Our Native Americans never properly recovered and now the very same government that destroyed a nation of people is ensuring that even the last vestige of their wild American horse shall be no more.
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