USA: Return to Freedom: CALICO STALLION RESCUE UPDATE: Video of Bucky and Buddy Back Home in Nevada after 1,600 Mile Journey

Bucky (aka Mr. Buckskin), a 12-year old buckskin stud, was one of the original Calico stallions identified by the sanctuary Return to Freedom for rescue in July. Along with 18 other stallions, Bucky was to be a founding member of the proposed Return to Freedom/Soldier Meadows Ranch Wild Horse Preserve, located in the Calico Mountains Complex where Bucky was captured in a January 2010 BLM roundup.
Due to an Internet glitch, Return To Freedom lost Bucky to another bidder. This bidder reportedly wanted to make Bucky a carriage horse and had him shipped all the way to Oklahoma. After this 1,600-mile journey, the bidder declined to take Bucky because he was “too wild” to train. Return To Freedom was more than happy to rescue Bucky and arrange for his long journey home. Appreciating the social bonds between horses, Return To Freedom also adopted Bucky’s friend, who we now call Buddy. Buddy is also a Calico horse.

Click here to see video and read update about Bucky and Buddy’s safe return to Nevada.


The rescue and transport of the beautiful Calico 20 has been a worthy, but expensive undertaking. If you can help underwrite this project – which aims to return these stallions to their native lands and re-establish family bands that were shattered in the roundup – please donate by clicking here.
Be sure to mention that you are contributing for the Calico Rescue Fund.

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