USA: Oct 21, 2010 – Oppose Roundup of 1,659 Nevada Mustangs in Antelope Complex

The Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to round up and permanently remove 1,659 wild horses from the Antelope Complex in northeast Nevada which emcompasses more than 1.3 million acres and four herd management areas (HMAs): Antelope, Antelope Valley, Goshute, and Spruce-Pequop. Another 50 horses living outside the borders of the Antelope Complex will also be removed. This helicopter roundup is scheduled for January and February 2011 – in the dead of winter. Of the 427 mustangs allowed to remain, 214 mares would be administered the two-year immuno-contraceptive drug PZP, and the herd’s gender ratio would be artificially skewed to favor males.
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