USA: Oct 6, 2010 Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Death of Silver King, NV Wild Stallion Embodies Inhumanity of Interior Dept. Wild Horse Program

Bulletin from CRWE Newswire

Caliente, NV, CRWE Newswire (October 6, 2010) – Today’s death of a mustang stallion at a U.S. Interior Department wild horse roundup is re-igniting controversy over the federal wild horse program, which has been harshly criticized, most recently by 54 members of Congress. Despite severe restrictions on the public’s ability to observe all aspects of the roundups, the death of the wild stallion was captured on video by wild horse advocates at the Silver King Herd Management Area in southeastern Nevada.

The Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is engaged in one of the largest removals of wild horses from Western public lands in recent history – with 12,000 being removed in Fiscal Year 2010. The Silver King roundup aims to capture – via helicopter stampede – over 500 mustangs from the vast 606,000 acre herd management area, leaving just 60-120 horses behind.
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