USA: Wild Horses in Cibola Arizona – near Colorado River

It was a very long day, I almost drove the whole day to Ehrenberg and was very excited hoping to see wild horses!

In the evening along the Colorado River I had luck: Beautiful horses, a band of 4 came to the river for drinking…

Next day, early in the morning I went on photo safari looking for horses and had luck again..

After walking quite a while I found him, this wonderful stallion

(named him “Bonito”)

and his family – a band of 6

Map of the Area:

3 thoughts on “USA: Wild Horses in Cibola Arizona – near Colorado River

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  2. Victoria Walls

    We’ve been coming here four years now finally saw a herd of 16 Appaloosa horses. They were up on the Mesa south of us. Had to use binoculars to see their markings. Absolutely Beautiful. I thought I saw a horse carcass on the side of I-10 last year, not knowing there were wild horses in the area. So far I’ve seen them 2 days in a row, sunning themselves in the morning sun.

  3. Dan Murray.

    They are doing fine, I have seen them 0nce in the day and been with them three more times at night . who ever named the stallion Bonita was right he is beautiful they all are . I am careful not to other them I don’t use lights or try to chase them . They are powerful strong And healthy It is truly magical when you see them


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