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USA: Jan. 25, 2011 – American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign:

Senior Congressman Blasts BLM for Mismanagement of Wild Horses

Statement on floor of House of Representatives by Indiana Congressman Dan Burton concludes, ‘Let me just end up, Mr. Speaker, by saying it seems to me that we ought to be frugal with the public’s money. We ought to cut the Bureau of Land Management’s budget so that we can save the money and save the mustangs. That’s what this is all about -a humane way of treating the mustangs in this country, which are a part of our heritage.”

Thank Congressman Burton for speaking out against government waste and for the mustangs!
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USA: Jan 5, 2011 – Straight from the Horse’s Heart: Head Horse Eater Loses Cool at SlaughterFest

Sue Wallis Shows Loser Frustration by Man-handling Reporter

Today, during the afternoon session of the much beleaguered pro-horse slaughter summit in Las Vegas a free-lance reporter and benign horse trainer was strong armed out of the conference room by the Bloodfest’s lead supporter, Wyoming State Representative Sue Wallis, currently under investigation for fraud and ethics charges.
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Los Angeles Times: U.S. official opposes wild-horse slaughter for food

Bureau of Land Management chief Bob Abbey tells a conference that his agency plans to give mares birth control instead.

Reporting from Las Vegas
Slaughtering wild horses for food isn’t a viable option for thinning herds that have strained public lands throughout the West, the federal Bureau of Land Management director told supporters of horse processing plants Tuesday. Continue reading