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The Kaimanawa Wild Horses – The Wild Horse of New Zealand

They are still alive: the Wild Horses in the north of New Zealand. In the Kaimanawa ranges they found a place to live. However, they are not totally free but controlled by the Department of Conversation (DoC). They regulate the size of the herd population and due to a limited habitat every year many horses end up at the slaughter. Continue reading

Wild Horses in Romania – Struggle for Survival

fourpawsWild horses in such a denseley populated area as Europe? Yes! Only a few people know about this and even less try to help this threatened species. 2500 wild horses live in the Donaudelta in Romania – and the local authority decided to shoot down exactely these 2500 wild horses. The SPCA “Four Paws” arranged a program to rescue their lives – and gave them back hope. Continue reading

Asia: Przewalski’s Horse – the Mongolian Wild Horse – last real Wild Horse worldwide

The Przewalski’s Horse is the last wild horse, which has not been crossed with any domestic horses. This is why people call it the last original wild horse alive.

Other wild horses like the Mustangs in the USA oder the Brumbies in Australia originate from domestic horses, which had the possibility to escape into wildlife what means into liberty. In opposite to this the Przewalski’s Horse does still have his origins in the wild horses. Continue reading

The Dülmen Pony – Wild Horses in Germany

If you think about wild horses, the first things that enter your mind are the Mustangs in the USA and possibly the Brumbies in Australia – but before you think about horses in other countries you should search in your own one: there are wild horses in Germany, too!

The Dülmen Ponies are living in a sanctuary which is placed in the Nature reserve of the Merfelder Bruch (12km west of Dülmen, Munster land). Obviously they are the last real wild horses in whole Europe! Continue reading